The world's first fully automatic, intelligent and simple diet planner for your goals. Gain muscle, lose weight or simply be healthy. We replace your nutritionist!

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What makes us special

Diet questionnaire

We determine based on carefully crafted questions which diet is best for you and your goals. We don't advocate any specific diet and don't profit in any way from recommending a specific diet - unlike many others in the fitness industry.

Intelligent meal planning

Based on your goals and fitness level, our algorithms will put together a diet plan just for you. Dieting doesn't have to be hard!

Thoughtout amounts and calories

We don't like crash diets and other unsustainable fads. Based on our years of experience, Slickcoach will change the amount of calories in your diet only when necessary and useful for further progress!
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Healthier living

Slickcoach is not just for losing fat and gaining muscle. Our algorithm will help you by including diets and foods that have a track record of helping with certain deceases like diabetes, high blood preasure and even epilepsie.

Vegetarians and vegans welcome

You need meat for protein right? Nope - we know better than that! And if you choose to live vegetarian or vegan, Slickcoach can help you reach your health and fitness goals as well.

Getting better

Through our use of machine learning and AI, Slickcoach gets better every day by incorporating users data into the equation. It's like having a personal coach with the experience of helping thousand of people - right in your pocket!
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Receive custom diet plan
Follow your custom meal plan and other instructions and let us know how it goes daily.
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Can't wait? Looking for a custom, manual meal plan?

Purchase one of our custom mealplans. Once purchased, we'll contact you in order to discuss your fitness and health goals, as well as dietary preferences. Our team of experienced meal planers will then create a customized and effective meal plan - just for you!

1 day meal plan
Receive a custom meal plan for one whole day
Specifically made for you
No supplements necessary - unless you want to
Nothing else to buy other than food
No bullshit. Only science.
Benefit from our years of experience
1 week meal plan
Receive a custom meal plan for one whole week
Specifically made for you
No supplements necessary - unless you want to
Nothing else to buy other than food
No bullshit. Only science.
Benefit from our years of experience
Personal online coaching
8 weeks personal coaching by one of our trainers
Diet and workout plan tailored to you
Weekly video calls and check-ins, close contact
Unlimited email support
No bullshit. Only science.
Benefit from our years of experience
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