I'm Sarah Behrendt

Nutrition and Diet Coach

I am a professional diet coach, specialised in body fat reduction and overall healthy nutrition, working with clients all over the world, including personal trainers.

I am also a competitive bodybuilder and the author of the blog Slickcoach, where I share my knowledge about nutrition and fitness.

During my first prep for a bodybuilding competition, I realised that diets don't have to consist of boring food. Enjoyment and satisfaction are the keys to any successful diet. If you can't enjoy it, you can't stick to it.

I'm happy to help all clients regardless of their circumstances, as long as they are motivated! There are only 3 small steps to reach your goals:

Contact me
Simply use the contact form down below and I'll be in touch in no time!
Answer the questions
We'll go through a short questionnaire together, so I can understand your goals and circumstances.
Receive custom plans
You'll receive custom diet and workout plans and I'll also be here for you, if you have any questions!
More about my coaching
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I am sick and tired. The fitness industry is just a bunch of scams and lies. "Gurus" sell all kinds of random crap, one-size-fits-all-diets and of course useless, overpriced supplements.

But nutrition is actually not that complicated. And it doesn't have to be restricted and boring! Plus, everyone is different. Everyone has a different metabolism, taste, schedule and goal. I take all these into consideration when creating the perfect meal plan and training schedule for you. There is no one-diet-fits-all. Vegetarians and vegans are welcome too, of course!

Based on carefully crafted questions, I determine which diet is best for you and your goals. I don't advocate any specific diet and don't profit in any way from recommending a specific diet - unlike many others in the fitness industry. I don't like crash diets and similar, unsustainable fads. Based on my years of experience, I will change the amount of calories in your diet only when necessary and useful for further progress! Everything I do is completely science based, using the latest research available.

My coaching is not just for losing fat and gaining muscle, however. It will help you by including foods that have a proven track record of helping with certain illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure and even epilepsy, if appropriate. It's all about you and your body!

Interested? Let me know!
I will contact you as soon as possible and set up an appointment with you, so we can talk about your goals and how to reach them. A very personal touch is super important for me!
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